Networked Peripherals Management Software

Managing networked peripheral equipment can be a challenge. What you really need, is the ability to manage everything, from scanners to copiers, from printers to faxes. 

The SmartDeviceMonitor™ toolbox enables users to extend an efficient workflow into the peripheral edge of your network. Administrators get the power they need to operate and manage peripherals on every level, ranging from automatic configuration to simple TCO-management.

SmartDeviceMonitor™ makes life easy on users and puts administrators in total control. And SmartDeviceMonitor™ is scalable, so that even if you have to support thousands of users, there's no problem. It even supports plug-ins like Tivoli natively.


PC requirements  

  • Minimum: Intel 486 / 33 MHz systems or better (Pentium is recommended)                        

Install image volume
  • Administrator: 10 MB
  • Client: 15 MB                        

Hard Disk Drive volume
  • Administrator: 20 MB
  • Client: 30 MB                        

Memory (RAM)
  • 32 MB of RAM (recommended)                        

Operating systems
  • Windows ® 95
  • Windows ® 98, Second Edition
  • Windows ® Millennium Edition
  • Windows ® 2000 Professional/Server
  • Windows ® NT4.0                        

Network protocol
  • SNMP via TCP/IP or IPX/SPX                        

Supported models
  • Current Range*                        

Supported NIB's
  • Current range*                        

* Please ask your local supplier for models and details.

All brand and/or product names are trademarks of their respective owners.
Specifications are subject to change without prior notice.


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