Enterprise Communication Suite

Persuasion is an end-to-end enterprise communication suite that is designed to comprehensively manage your business and customer communications in innovative and profitable ways. It comprises three components: StoryTeller, which designs re-usable document templates; Composition Centre, which designs marketing messages; and Ad’hoc, which produces documents on demand.*

From data to document to delivery to your customers, Persuasion provides you with end-to-end control of the entire process and creates highly personalised documents that are delivered on time through the most appropriate delivery channel.


  • Connects to a large variety of systems, such as Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), e-mail, messaging systems, and processes a wide range of data types

  • Provides as easy-to-use composition tool that is designed for collaboration and personalized, Precision Marketing-type applications

  • Delivers advanced document reengineering capabilities for already composed datastreams such as Advanced Function Presentation™ (AFP™), Acrobat® Portable Document Format® (PDF®) or Windows® print streams

  • Allows you to hold, merge, sort and split documents for bundling, house-holding and postal optimisation

  • Includes a document repository with a Web-based search engine so you can view, retrieve and re-deliver documents through multiple channels

  • Provides integrated multi-channel delivery and distributed printer management with assured delivery

  • Utilises a powerful production workflow engine that is designed to accommodate complex document assembly and delivery processes

* Persuasion is marketed by our company but it is not our product. Persuasion is licensed and warranted by StreamServe, Inc.. Neither party has any responsibility for, or makes any representations or warranties regarding the other's products or services.


End-to end enterprise communication platform with composition, post-composition and output management

  • Provides you, out of the box, with the functionality of multiple point products and leverages your investment.

  • Increases your opportunity to automate document production processes – centralised and decentralised – and achieve higher savings.

  • Delivers documents seamlessly through multiple channels and offers comprehensive delivery options to your customers.

Tight integration with ERP systems

  • Translates into significant productivity and functionality gains over the base enterprise resource planning (ERP) output capabilities.

  • Enables easy installation and implementation backed by the worldwide leader in breadth, depth and scope of SAP integration.

  • Notifies the ERP system when errors occur so users can take corrective actions.

Advanced document composition capabilities
Enables you to create business and customer communication documents with a single design tool, from simple correspondence to complex financial statements that include charts and graphs, complex tables and document presentation logic.

Central repository and object-oriented composition tool

  • Helps you define and enforce document presentation standards to be used companywide for batch and ad hoc production.

  • Reduces dramatically the design time and maintenance of existing applications.

  • Helps you enforce branding and support compliance.

Strong user administration

  • Simplifies user login authentication by interfacing to the company LDAP or Active Directory.

  • Strengthens security by allowing the administrator to clearly define roles and access rights to the shared resources for users.

Web-based interface for marketing messages

  • Enables Precision Marketing by enabling non-technical users – marketing, legal and so on – to design and approve messages that are used in the transactional documents and design promotional campaigns to up-sell or cross-sell products and services.

  • Deploys instantly around the world so overseas offices can localise documents.

Ad hoc document capability

  • Replaces office publishing tools with standard, auto-filled, easy-to-use document templates.

  • Shortens and simplifies the document creation and delivery process.

  • Reduces costs by grouping, processing for automation, and printing and mailing the distributed documents on production devices.

  • Supports compliance because everyone uses the latest templates.

Document reengineering

  • Repurposes existing print streams, makes changes to the documents and delivers them through any one of several delivery channels.

  • Revitalises old documents by adding colour, charts, onserts and even Precision Marketing messages.

  • Enables automation and optimisation by adding integrity barcodes and by extracting the address block for data cleansing or postal presort.

Document optimisation: assembly, merging, sorting, splitting

  • Enables substantial labour savings by automatically assembling multiple documents coming from diverse applications, in different formats, into single packs.

  • Reduces postage costs by merging multiple print jobs and by sorting the whole batch to achieve the highest postal discounts.

  • Splits datastreams by type of delivery channel or large output jobs to balance the workload between devices.

Self-service delivery channel selection

  • Allows customers to specify their delivery channel preference for communications – print, e-mail and so on.

  • Increases customer satisfaction.

  • Reduces production costs by helping customers adopt electronic delivery sooner.

Document repository

  • Improves customer service and first call response by allowing call centre representatives to view the delivered documents while they are talking to customers.

  • Enables customer representatives to immediately reprint or resend a document to a customer via e-mail or other channel.

Distributed printers output management

  • Provides better management of print jobs, queues and distributed printers.

  • Improves productivity with the delivery of documents and re-routing of jobs to alternate devices in case of device failure.

  • Provides extensive tracking and reporting capabilities.

Radio frequency Identification (RFID) support

  • Manages the production of RFID tags through the stages of design through printing. 

  • Enables you to better track items and better manage inventory and distribution processes.

Unicode support

  • Serves as a global enterprise solution that can mix alphabets within the same document, including the Asian Unicode sets. 

  • Empowers the corporate office to define and enforce standard presentation templates and lets each region manage the localisation of documents.

Enterprise scalability

  • Starts small and scales to broader application use. 

  • Suits high-volume transactional environments in which high performance is essential. 

  • Provides compatibility with a customer’s high availability infrastructure. 

  • Includes support for Advanced Function Presentation™ (AFP™) architecture.

Hardware and software environments: Production platforms available on AIX, Sun Solaris, HP-UX, Linux, Red Hat, SUSE and Windows

Design environment: Windows

Databases supported: Oracle and Microsoft SQL


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